There is a powerful revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit sweeping the earth right now.  Jesus is raising up a new generation of laid down lovers.  Humble, passionate, healed up and flowing in the realities of the anointing that was on the first Christians of the early church. 

These are the ones who will receive, impart and release the Kingdom of God β€˜on earth as it is in Heaven’.

As the harvest is once again ready to be gathered in, Jesus is looking for those faithful sons and daughters who will join him in the transformation of towns, cities and nations.  Stopping for the one in front of you and being equipped and trained to reach the many

The context for this school is in the environmentally beautiful, but economically deprived seaside town of Blackpool.  You will be amongst some of the most broken, deprived and marginalised people in the United Kingdom by any measure.

Learning to love, serve and re-present the heart of Jesus here will open up an entire continent of harvest fields to you. It is, quite simply, what you were made to do.
— Rick Oldland - Partners In Harvest Europe Team Leader